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Featured Cayenne Candy Interview

Discussion in 'Providers Interviews' started by CayenneCandy, May 21, 2015.

  1. CayenneCandy

    CayenneCandy New Member
    Verified Provider Interviewed

    Receptionist & Full-time Student
    SF. NB,EB, SB
    Home Page:
    Q: What is your stage/provider name?
    A: Cayenne Candy

    Q: Where you from, your background?
    A: I am a San Francisco- Bay Area Native

    Q: Can you tell us how do you get it into business as provider, or you prefer not to share?
    A: I am more than willing to share. I started out dancing in the Bay Area on armature nights. When dancing got very slow. One of my girlfriends told me about the industry and how to work independent without “management”.

    Q: Do you do tours, if yes, how often and what cities?
    A: I travel frequently not sure if that qualifies for touring. I am looking forward to going back to Manhattan, New York and Miami, Florida.

    Q: Do you consider escorting as a hobby/life style or full/part time job?
    A: Being an escort is definitely a lifestyle. You have to be a people person, compassionate caring and genuine. Let me also mention not taking things personally. Some people say mean spirited things with the intention of pushing your buttons. I am not defined by the work that I do but by the person that I am.

    Q: Did you ever have a thought becoming an Adult Actress, if no why not? if yes, what`s your name as an Adult actress and where to find your performances?
    A: I have the thought of doing adult girl on girl film work. I haven’t been filmed it is definitely something that I am interested in. If I happen to meet the right person and the opportunity is there I will definitely do it.

    Q: How you feel about hobbyists leave reviews about private time? Do you read them?
    A: I actually love reading my reviews. I know that I provide a true genuine experience. I can proudly say that I have never faked a session. Being intimate is an art. It takes the right artist to create the correct masterpiece that speaks to each individual client.

    Q: Where we can find your review?
    A: I have reviews on adultfax, my website as well as a few other sites that are not public.

    Q: Describe your perfect date as an escort?
    A: Making me laugh uncontrollably and enjoying each other’s company. Having great chemistry with one another is a added bonus. When I take your hand and lead you to the bedroom our bodies will move in perfect harmony, with every touch and caress

    Q: What is the crucial moment when you meet a hobbyist?
    A: At first point of contact. Clients usually decide within 30-60 seconds after interacting if they truly would like to see you or perhaps someone else.

    Q: What is the biggest turn off when meeting hobbyist?
    A: Horrible Hygiene. I do require clients to take care of personal care needs prior to meeting. If you’re not able to handle prior to meeting, I do offer clients to shower as well as manscape at my incall before continuing our meet.

    Q: What excites you the most (sexually)
    A: Passion and deep french kissing. Do the unexpected chances are as long as it doesn’t hurt I will enjoy it.

    Q: What is your most sensitive body part (excluding private parts)?
    A: Kissing my neck, back shoulders, love handles and inner thighs.

    Q: What is the best feature of your body?
    A: I am curvy but my best asset is my eyes and lips.

    Q: Is there absolute NO, NO, that you never will do as an escort?
    A: Unprotected intercourse. I take pride in being healthy as well as safe. I expect the same from my clients.

    Q: Do you have a sexual fantasy that you wish to become a reality?
    A: Sex in a library. Trying to make sure I am silent as possible for me is hard I enjoy moaning in ecstasy and satisfaction.

    Q: What was the most interesting date with client?
    A: Laying in bed and being told how he grew and was raised by his grandparents. The reason he holds women upon a pedestal and treats them like queens.

    Q: Do you allow friendship outside of escorting with clients?
    A: Yes, absolutely. I check in on clients as well as having clients call and check in on me.

    Q: Any really funny story with a client?
    A: Lol I can’t kiss and tell.

    Q: Do you think you ever will quit escorting?
    A: I have asked myself the same thing. There are levels to the business. Once you’re established it’s a whole different ball game.

    Q: What's your advice to hobbyists, to make a date easy and relaxing?
    A: Please be respectful of your provider. Do not negotiate her rates. Fill out all screening info in a timely manner. Once you’re cleared you’re going to have an experience to remember for the rest of your life.

    Q: Describe yourself in few words.
    A: Sexy, Classy, Cool.


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  2. admin

    admin Administrator
    Staff Member Administrator

    Home Page:
    Great interview , thnx Cayenne for participating... :rock:
  3. cabravak

    cabravak New Member

    ogh wow , what a nice interview really
  4. Basketo1965

    Basketo1965 Member

    New York city
    Enjoyed reading this
  5. CayenneCandy

    CayenneCandy New Member
    Verified Provider Interviewed

    Receptionist & Full-time Student
    SF. NB,EB, SB
    Home Page:
    Hello thank you so much for reading my interview. Was there any questions that you would like to ask? Which question/answer did you enjoy?
  6. CayenneCandy

    CayenneCandy New Member
    Verified Provider Interviewed

    Receptionist & Full-time Student
    SF. NB,EB, SB
    Home Page:
    Hello happy that you took the time to read a little bit about me. If you would like to ask me question please do so. Was there any question or answer that caught you off guard or that impressed you?

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