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Featured Hannah Elite Interview

Discussion in 'Providers Interviews' started by hannahelite, Aug 26, 2015.

  1. hannahelite

    hannahelite New Member
    Verified Provider

    San Diego, California, United States
    Q:What is your stage/provider name?
    A:Hannah Elite

    Q: Where you from, your background?
    A:I’m a San Francisco native, but I have done a lot of traveling.

    Q: Can you tell us how do you get it into business as provider, or you prefer not to share?
    A:The Glamour

    Q: Do you consider escorting as a hobby/life style or full/part time job?
    A:I heard this line in a movie recently,”A hobby that pays well”

    Q: Did you ever had a thought becoming an Adult Actress, if no why not? if yes, what`s
    your name as an Adult actress and where to find your performances?

    A:Being an adult actress isn’t appealing to me for many reasons, but I definately am a fan of some spectacular ladies.

    Q: How you feel about hobbyists leave reviews about private time? do you read them?
    A:I appreciate them, and yes I do read them, maybe too much lol

    Q: Where we can find your review?
    A:I have reviews on a few different sites

    https://myscarletbook.com/bay area/san francisco/415-894-7979/

    Q: Describe your perfect date as an escort?
    A:Lots of laughs and of course pleasure, giving and recieving...

    Q: What is the crucial moment when you meet a hobbyist?
    A:The eye contact and body language

    Q: What is the biggest turn off when meeting hobbyist?
    A:Bad Breath

    Q: What excites you the most (sexually)

    Q: What is your most sensitive body part (excluding private parts)?
    A:My toes

    Q: What is the best feature of your body?
    A:My face

    Q: Is there absolute NO, NO, that you never will do as an escort?
    A:Break my own rules

    Q: Do you have a sexual fantasy, you wish to become a reality?
    A:It;s already come true:)

    Q: What was the most interesting date with client ?
    A:See the next question down:)

    Q: Do you allow friendship outside of escorting with client?
    A:It’s hard not to build some sort of friendship when you see clients on a regular basis

    Q: Any really funny story with a client ?
    A:I have a lot of funny stories, but confidentiality is key.

    Q: Do you think you ever will quit escorting?
    A:For now, no

    Q: What's your advice to hobbyists, to make a date easy and relaxing?
    A:Give the provider lots of notice, and have your references prepared.

    Q: Describe yourself in few words.
    A:Intelligent, sexy, sarcastic, silly:)
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    Thnk you for great interview ...
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