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Featured Jada Duval Interview

Discussion in 'Providers Interviews' started by JadaDuval, Apr 19, 2015.

  1. JadaDuval

    JadaDuval Mature GFE Companion
    Verified Provider Interviewed

    new york
    Home Page:
    Q: What is your stage/provider name?
    A: Jada Duval

    Q: Where you from, your background?
    A: I am Canadian

    Q: Can you tell us how do you get it into business as provider, or you prefer not to share?
    A: I got into it slowly, here and there, independently hitting up ads online. After a half a year or so I chose to take on a permanent role where I was consistently working every week, just like any other gig.

    Q: Do you do tours?
    A: Yes

    Q: Do you consider escorting as a hobby/life style or full/part time job?
    A: I consider escorting all of those options depending on the individual's lifestyle and personal choices and needs. Presently, for me, escorting is a part time job and is a lifestyle.

    Q: Did you ever had a thought becoming an Adult Actress, if no why not? if yes, well, next question...
    A: Yes, I have done adult acting and many adult actors eventually get into escorting.

    Q: How you feel about hobbyists leave reviews about private time? do you read them?
    A: I feel reviews are not as beneficial as they seem. I think a review with too much descriptive detail is not doing the provider any favours, and can be quite incriminating. It is important to have a reference for screening purposes, both for the hobbyist and provider, but an overly descriptive review is not the way.
    If I can avoid reading them, I will.

    Q: Describe your perfect date as an escort?
    A: My perfect date is an unrushed, multi hour date with dinner and drinks, lots of laughter and conversation, where we connect well and thoroughly enjoy each other's company. The time should feel as if it flies by and we can't wait to see each other again.

    Q: What is the crucial moment when you meeting a hobbyist?
    A: The crucial moment when meeting a hobbyist is much like when meeting any stranger - the first few moments of two people getting to know one another and then settling into a comfortable feeling as they realize they gel well.
    First introduction and conversation is very important in figuring out each other are cool.

    Q: What is the biggest turn off when meet hobbyist?
    A: My biggest turn off when meeting a hobbyist is if they have poor hygiene and social manners.

    Q: What excites you the most (sexually)
    A: I am excited the most sexually with an enthusiastic play partner who is adventurous and fun to be around. I like when they're energetic, vocal and sensual.

    Q: What is your most sensitive body part (excluding private parts)?
    A: My most sensitive body part are my toes.

    Q: What is the best feature of your body?
    A: The best feature of my body are my breasts.

    Q: Is there absolute NO, NO, that you never will do as an escort?
    A: I will never do any blood play or play with minors.

    Q: Do you have a sexual fantasy, you wish to become a reality?
    A: I would like to do a kidnapping and gang rape scene.

    Q: What was the most interesting date with client ?
    A: I haven't had one stand-out date, but have had some interesting personalities. From actors to delegates to jetsetting businessmen some of the clients are quite funny and gregarious. They are often very entertaining and excellent hosts. Some are also into interesting kinks which can make for an unusual evening and breaks the monotony of vanilla dates.

    Q: Do you allow friendship outside of escorting with client?
    A: Yes. Each relationship is unique and if maintaining a longterm friendship is appropriate I have no problem hanging with a client off hours once and awhile. It's good PR.

    Q: Any really funny story with client ?
    A: Nothing crazy funny that stands out at the moment.

    Q: Do you think you ever will quit escorting?
    A: I will quit escorting one day because, as with anything, life moves on and interests change. I love variety in life.
    But, right now, escorting suits my lifestyle and I enjoy it.

    Q: What's your advice to hobbyists, to make a date easy and relaxing?
    A: My advice to hobbyists to make a date easy and relaxing is to not discuss or negotiate any of the "arrangement" details and to remain open-minded as to how the date will flow. Especially when you don't know each other yet.

    Q: Describe yourself in few words
    A: Fun, wordly, lovely


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  2. bulldog

    bulldog New Member

    waveland ms
    I am amazed at how well educated and beautiful providers are. More like true Entertainers
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  3. JadaDuval

    JadaDuval Mature GFE Companion
    Verified Provider Interviewed

    new york
    Home Page:
  4. Rita Léon

    Rita Léon Without A Moment Mundane...
    Verified Provider Interviewed

    Accountant (By Law)
    Home Page:
    Gave me motivation to complete my interview. We are a lot alike in train of thought in this business. I wish you so much success. :*
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  5. infinitejizz

    infinitejizz New Member

    New Jersey
    This interview is the reason I migrated over and found this site - and now am dying to meet ya!
  6. Kelley White

    Kelley White Kelley White VIP Companion

    Dating Companion, Massage Therapist
    Charlotte, NC
    Home Page:
    This site is definitely refreshing. It has been so fun to read about everyone who is so positive here and not back stabbing, negative, or jealous, nor have I seen any drama. Amazing! Lord have Mercy it is 5am. I have to get my beauty sleep! Kelley White {$forumTitle} Escorts, {$title}, escorts in {$forumTitle}

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