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Featured Tiffany Lockheart Interview

Discussion in 'Providers Interviews' started by Tifflockheart, Jun 25, 2015.

  1. Tifflockheart

    Tifflockheart New Member
    Verified Provider Interviewed

    Indy, Medical field
    Philadelphia, PA
    Home Page:
    Q:What is your stage/provider name?
    A: Tiffany Lockheart

    Q: Where you from, your background?

    A: Chester County PA, in the country rurul area

    Q: Can you tell us how do you get it into business as provider, or you prefer not to share?

    A: I love meeting new, fascinating people and I enjoy sex so at age 20 I decided to start my own business. I had been offered, pushed really for a really huge job position in Nashville right before I decided to begin my life as a companion. I think the idea of not being "free" was too startling for me. I have no regrets- my life is more full than I could ever imagine.

    Q: In what city you usually available?

    A: Typically- Plymouth Meeting or King of Prussia. I also frequent Philadelphia often when it is not quite so busy (like this summer!)

    Q: Do you do tours, if yes , how often and what cities ?

    A: Yes, I have toured NJ. (Princeton, Edison) I will be branching out to other areas of the country I have been longing to learn about their culture such as Chicago, San Francisco.

    Q: Do you consider escorting as a hobby/life style or full/part time job?

    A: Lifestyle. I have a degree in the medical field.

    Q: Did you ever have a thought becoming an Adult Actress, if no why not? if yes, what`s
    your name as an Adult actress and where to find your performances?

    A: No- I prefer my anonymity.

    Q: How you feel about hobbyists leave reviews about private time? do you read them?

    A: I enjoy reading MOST of my reviews. I have found that many are very genuine and I get physically excited when reading them!

    Q: Where we can find your review?

    A: Mostly TheEroticReview.com, Naughtynightlife, Eccie, Gfeclub, Bestgfe, Gfeforum

    Q: Describe your perfect date as an escort?

    A: MM, I enjoy older men around 40-50 who are respectful and witty gentleman. Probably either going out to dinner to get to know one another the first time and then f#cking all night long. (Can I say that?) Then who knows.... I have tried Private swinger parties with my close friends, vacation trips where being completely nude in public is perfectly in fashion.

    Q: What is the crucial moment when you meet a hobbyist?

    A: The first 30 seconds

    Q: What is the biggest turn off when meeting hobbyist?

    A: Rude, Arrogant, Disrespectful, and MOST OF ALL- believes I cannot verbalize in English.

    Q: What excites you the most (sexually)

    A: A LOT of things. Definitely a gentleman who takes his time chatting with me while making eye-contact, then spends a fair amount of time on foreplay before sliding his cock inside me or letting me ride him. I enjoy a sexual partner who is willing to try new positions where I can support some of my weight on his palms (other) and it becomes this rhythmic dance almost. I have actually lost track of time this way.

    Q: What is your most sensitive body part (excluding private parts)?

    A: My nipples! My neck and small of my back.

    Q: What is the best feature of your body?

    A: My smile and my booty

    Q: Is there absolute NO, NO, that you never will do as an escort?

    A: Um Yes. Bareback, scat play, painful humiliating bdsm, golden showers, cof and men who do NOT practice daily hygiene

    Q: Do you have a sexual fantasy, you wish to become a reality?

    A: Yes finding the perfect sex partner (again) and never stopping this time

    Q: What was the most interesting date with client ?

    A: Las Vegas. I'll leave it at that

    Q: Do you allow friendship outside of escorting with client?

    A: Very much so. Many of my best friends are clients I have known for years. They know my personality, how I enjoy sex, pretty much everything about me

    Q: Any really funny story with a client ?

    A: Many, but I keep those private

    Q: Do you think you ever will quit escorting?

    A: I have stopped.... to be with a man I met while escorting. I am not typical in the sense where I wish to have babies and live a "normal" life. I love my job at the hospital so yes, if I decided to take the leap of commitment than I would quit. I'm dubious that will happen anytime soon.

    Q: What's your advice to hobbyists, to make a date easy and relaxing?

    A: Most companions take a good deal of time providing information (including humiliating tidbits) about themselves. I do believe that people will more likely than not treat you as you treat them, so if you were to see a companion and treat her like a lady, I do believe the comfort level will evolve naturally. I highly advise you take the time to read about the woman you will be meeting. She will greatly appreciate you for it!

    Q: Describe yourself in few words.

    A: I am outgoing, cheerful, a bit silly, highly creative, incredibly stubborn and independent, highly intuitive.

    Q: And finally, what is GFE means for you?

    A: Girlfriend experience is exactly that. It means being together and enjoying the mutual passions that arise. It is about exploring new relationships, learning about this person- taking the time to discover what makes them happy. Then the experience portion is that there are no ties, no drama, just enjoy one another when together. This is how I have lost track of time!

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  2. admin

    admin Administrator
    Staff Member Administrator

    Home Page:
    What a hot interview , thnk you so much for shares :inlove:
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  3. RacerXXX

    RacerXXX New Member

    Software Developer
    Philadelphia, PA
    Loooove the interview babe!!! :inlove::*:h:
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  4. JadaDuval

    JadaDuval Mature GFE Companion
    Verified Provider Interviewed

    new york
    Home Page:
    yes and yes :) :h::h::h:
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  5. LongCut

    LongCut New Member

    Los Angeles
    Great interview... you are gorgeous and seem very intelligent.

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